Top 5 Reasons to Get Regular Oil Changes

Your car's engine has several moving parts that need proper lubrication to avoid any damage. This oil over time gets contaminated with dirt, dust, and debris due to which it cannot function properly. An oil change is a necessity and if ignored, can harm your engine very badly. At our Winston-Salem, NC center we offer professional car oil change and help you maintain your vehicle efficiency.

Here are the oil change benefits you should know about:

Engine Lubrication

The engine parts move quickly when you drive. This movement causes friction and creates heat, and eventually wears down your car engine. Changing the oil makes way for smooth movements and reduces friction. Get in touch with our NC center for an expert oil change. We also offer mobile auto service to enhance the experience for our customers.

Cools the Engine

Constant friction causes the engine to overheat and considerably affects the performance. Changing the oil at regular intervals maintains the temperature at optimum levels. 

Gets Rid of Damage-Causing Particles

Oil accumulates sludge and dirt over time which can cause heavy damage to the engine parts. Your car engine may also break down too soon if you don’t replace the oil.

Our technicians excel at oil change. We check your engine oil for quality and if need be will replace it with the right quality and grade. Our professionals also ensure to maintain your car oil at the optimum levels.

Improves Mileage

Lack of lubrication in the engine will increase fuel consumption. This means you need to spend more on gas if you fail to change your car oil regularly. Having fresh and clean oil in your engine allows you to drive longer and more smoothly.

Enhanced Vehicle Longevity

Dirty oil makes the engine parts work harder. An overworked engine will end up with more problems and a shorter lifespan. Change the oil periodically to improve your car’s longevity.

Winston-Salem, NC, and Greensboro car owners can contact us for oil change service. We are also the number one choice for Summerfield and High Point residents searching for mobile car service near me. Experience the ultimate convenience with our mobile auto service.