Car Cleaning Tips — Reduce the Risk of Coronavirus in Your Car

We are in the midst of a pandemic, COVID-19 is causing havoc around the world. It is more important than ever to sanitize the surfaces you frequently come in contact with and regularly wash your hands to stay safe. When we talk about surfaces, you might not think about your car but think about all the places you touch on a trip— the door clutches, windows, seats, steering, and other interiors. Here are some car cleaning tips to follow to reduce the risk of coronavirus in your car.

Use Alcohol

Alcohol is a great cleaning agent. You can use it to clean your car’s cabin and all the high-touch areas. A quick wipe with alcohol can literally keep your car safe and hygienic. You can however use a gentle soap and water too for cleaning the surfaces of your car. Our dealership at Winston-Salem, NC offers professional car cleaning services to help you and your passengers stay safe from the virus.

Clean With Disinfecting Wipes

We recommend using disinfecting wipes for cleaning your car, particularly the steering wheel. The areas also include voice control, navigation, cruise control, radio controls, and levers.

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Avoid Using Hard Chemicals

Do not use hydrogen peroxide or any bleach on your car’s interior. These chemicals can no doubt get rid of the Coronavirus, but they damage the plastics and vinyl used in your vehicle’s interior design. Further, avoid using ammonia-based cleaning agents since they damage the vinyl and touch screens.

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The above-mentioned car cleaning tips are easy to follow but if you want your car to be cleaned by experts to ensure the utmost safety, come down to Carolina On Site right away. We are located conveniently and are a brief drive from Greensboro and High Point.