What Does a Basic Car Service Include?

A car service refers to taking a vehicle to a garage so that it can undergo a checkup. Mechanics will check the condition of the car and inspect components for wear and tear such as engine belts, filters, oil, and brakes.

Servicing your car is crucial for various reasons. It can save the owner money and time on any crucial issues that the vehicle may have. It could also rescue the owner and the passenger’s life by detecting and resolving the issues in time. A proper service history may also come in handy to increase the car's resale value.

These days, car service centers are becoming expensive for even small repairs. A car owner has to waste the entire day parking their vehicles for even minor repairs. Mobile auto service can help to resolve the issue at their doorstep and save a lot of time. 

Basic Car Service

Such a service can check your car’s condition. It will assess typical wear and tear to brakes, fluid, and the engine among others. Every service is different based on the model and make of your vehicle. 

The service can include fifty or even more components, adjustments, and system checks including:

  • Checking tires, lights, brake and steering operation, and exhaust
  • Oil change in the engine or/and filter replacements
  • Alignment of steering
  • Suspension checks
  • Checking coolant and hydraulic fluid levels
  • Testing the battery condition of the car
  • Testing the cooling system
  • Making sure that the engine is “turned on” so that it can run in the peak condition

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