A mobile vehicle mechanic servicing a vehicle and replacing a part

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Ever found yourself in the middle of the road with a broken-down vehicle? In most cases, you can jumpstart your vehicle or just change a tire and be on your way. But if the problem is bigger, then you will have to get your vehicle towed.

Not only is this extremely problematic, but it also eats up a lot of time. The time that it takes to tow your vehicle could be used to either fix your vehicle or something else. Towing can be a colossal waste of time.

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Red BMW headlight

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Regardless of model or make, every vehicle has similar components and can experience the same issues. Diagnosing issues related to wiring and lighting is not always easy. It could be a loose connection in the wiring or something else. This is because most vehicles on the market today are controlled by electronics and wiring. Though these systems are designed to work without issues for years, problems can arise.

Diagnosing Lighting and Wiring Concerns

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A vehicle with a check engine light on because of drivability issues

As a vehicle owner, you will occasionally encounter problems. Addressing drivability issues as soon as you notice one or more will prevent long-term damage. There will be warning signs in the form of noises and lights on the dashboard. By taking care of these problems early, you will be safe and keep your vehicle working right. You will also save a lot of money.

Red Flags To Look For

One of the first signs of drivability problems may show up in the form of a check engine light. This light indicates a multitude...continue reading

A mobile service technician replacing the vehicle's old cabin air filter for a new one

A cabin air filter is a key component of your vehicle. Similar to an engines air filter, which protects the engine from contaminants, a cabin air filter purifies air reaching the occupants. Timely replacement of cabin air filters should be part of regular vehicle maintenance.

More About Cabin Air Filters

A cabin air filter is located in your vehicles HVAC or Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system. Air entering vehicle interiors from outside passes through this filter first. The cabin air filter filters...continue reading

A mobile vehicle mechanic servicing vehicle and checking out under the hood

As a vehicle owner, you know caring for and maintaining your vehicle is essential. If you do not, you eventually pay a lot for repairs or buy a new vehicle. Getting regular maintenance for your vehicle like oil changes, replacing worn tires, brake pads, and/or batteries are part of the schedule. With a busy work and home life, it is difficult to find time to get to the garage or dealership for servicing. With the introduction of mobile service, there is no good reason to put off important tasks. Here is a look...continue reading