Along with the ownership of any car comes the responsibility of getting it regularly serviced. You need to take some time out to take good care of your car's health and to ensure it stays top on performance. However, most car owners get annoyed when they think of taking their cars all the way to the dealership or mechanic. The long wait further makes it tedious. If you are one of those car owners, we have good news. There are several dealerships today that offer vehicle servicing at your home or office, making...continue reading

We are in the midst of a pandemic, COVID-19 is causing havoc around the world. It is more important than ever to sanitize the surfaces you frequently come in contact with and regularly wash your hands to stay safe. When we talk about surfaces, you might not think about your car but think about all the places you touch on a trip the door clutches, windows, seats, steering, and other interiors. Here are some car cleaning tips to follow to reduce the risk of coronavirus in your car.

Use Alcohol

Alcohol is a great...continue reading

Your car's engine has several moving parts that need proper lubrication to avoid any damage. This oil over time gets contaminated with dirt, dust, and debris due to which it cannot function properly. An oil change is a necessity and if ignored, can harm your engine very badly. At our Winston-Salem, NC center we offer professional car oil change and help you maintain your vehicle efficiency.

Here are the oil change benefits you should know about:

Engine Lubrication

The engine parts move quickly when you drive. This movement...continue reading

A car service refers to taking a vehicle to a garage so that it can undergo a checkup. Mechanics will check the condition of the car and inspect components for wear and tear such as engine belts, filters, oil, and brakes.

Servicing your car is crucial for various reasons. It can save the owner money and time on any crucial issues that the vehicle may have. It could also rescue the owner and the passengers life by detecting and resolving the issues in time. A proper service history may also come in handy to increase...continue reading